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Employers are receiving hundreds of resumes for each job opening so it is critical that your resume stands out from the many candidates you are competing with for the same job opening.

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Linda Parker, your Resume Writer, has years of experience writing resumes that have helped thousands of job seekers get the job!

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If you do not have an existing resume and need to start a resume from scratch, or if you have information to add to your existing resume, I will email you a document to complete giving me all of the information that I will need to create a professional resume for you. I also welcome a telephone conversation to gather information about your career focus.

Cover Letters, College Entrance Letters & Business Bio's. Email me the job announcement, job description or criteria required.

Email me the link to the job posting typically on USAJobs.gov and your existing resume and I will give you a quote. If you need to start from scratch with a first time resume, let's have a telephone conversation about your career history first.

Email me your Military evaluations, duty assignments, training, education and awards along with your existing resume if you have one.

  • Reference Page with each resume order.
  • LinkedIn Profile creation or update.
  • Complimentary Resume Updates after you get that first new job from your new resume!
  • Personal Service as your advisor when you have questions about the job seeking process.

The First Step Is To Make Sure That Your Resume:

  • Has a stand out format with concise content, visual appeal, accurate and complete information.
  • Passes the test of keyword placement for your career field as it relates to online job descriptions.
  • Highlights your most employable skills, accomplishments and your career focus.

Personalized Service!

From personalized services and technical knowledge in removing Internet snags from your resume to job seeking tips, interviewing tips, resume posting instructions and computer-based training to assist you with online job applications, I do it all.

Call, email or click on "Contact Linda" on my website and tell me what you need help with and I will respond to schedule a convenient, in-depth, personalized, telephone conversation at a time that is good for you or I will email you information to get started on your new resume.
You can email or fax me your existing resume to evaluate. If you have been getting no response for interviews I will tell you why I think that is happening and recommend changes required to improve your visibility online. If you need an update or format revision, I will give you a quote ASAP to fix whatever the problem may be so you start getting interviews!

Experienced writing resumes for all disciplines including:

  • Overseas Jobs
  • Education
  • Teachers - Professors
  • PhD - Scientists
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Accounting Manufacturing
  • Professional - Customer Service
  • Clerical - Management
  • Sales - Clergy
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Administration - Insurance
  • Human Resources – Banking
  • Engineering - Scientific
  • IT - Marketing
  • Purchasing - Real Estate
  • Mortgage Services - Pharmaceutical
  • Medical - Legal
  • Paralegal - Nursing
  • Military - Federal Jobs
  • Skilled Trades - Mechanics
  • Restaurant Culinary - Hospitality
  • Oil Field and many, many more!

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