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Federal Resumes

There are specialized format requirements in developing federal resumes, often including KSA's.

As a Federal Resume Writer, I will guide you through this detailed process and ensure your federal resume is competitive, in compliance with federal resume application requirements, contains essential keywords and core competencies, and is accomplishment focused. I know what is required to develop a perfect federal resume in order to qualify for a government job.

How The Process Works:

I will guide you through the process and send you documents to complete to acquire all the information that is necessary to develop the federal resume. To start, if you have an existing resume, you should email that to me at If you need to start from scratch, I will email you a Microsoft Word document to complete to get started. It can be a daunting task but I have made the process very easy for you.

If you are current or former military transitioning into a federal job, I also accept your military documents; evaluations, awards and commendations, training, and duty locations. I will tailor your federal resume to specific federal vacancy announcements which you send to me in a link or give me the job announcement number from the posting entity and I will locate it. To achieve the best results and address all qualification criteria within your federal resume, the important keywords that qualify you for a review by human eyes must match the specific job posting. First your resume has to get through the computerized system and I know exactly how that process works to achieve that end result of an interview.
I was a Beta Tester for this applicant tracking/scanning technology and have kept up to date with all of the latest changes and updates.

Federal Job Resume Writing

I have been successfully writing resumes for Military transition to Private Sector jobs and Federal Resumes for government jobs since 2007. Over 90% of my clients have gotten the jobs that they have applied for. I have been trained by Federal Recruiters in the correct formats to be used for Federal Job applications. I am also an approved Resume Writer with Federal Government Jobs and other military sources such as Military One Source, and a member of the National Resume Writers Association. The format for a federal resume is much different than a private sector resume. They require information that you would never put on a private sector resume and are not limited to the number of pages. A private sector resume is typically no more than 1-2 pages while some federal resumes are 5 to 14 or more pages long depending on the number of KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) questions that need to be answered. It is a collaborative process and I will email questions for you to answer after I review your information and the job posting.

All federal jobs have a “deadline to apply date”. I need a minimum of 3 days from the date I receive all of your information depending on your years of experience.

Typical Federal Resume Pricing:

$195.00 to $895.00 depending on your years of experience to re-write the information from the resume information form, existing resume or from military documents into the KSA format according to the specific job posting directions.

Once I organize the information into chronological order, I will email the resume to you for review to make any changes. Once completed, I email it back to you for your final approval. I look forward to getting to know you and your career focus and will work diligently to create a document that will get you the interview for your desired job. Your success is what I care about when you hire me to create your professional resume. I stay with you as long as you need me to help guide you through the whole process. Plus, I update your resume for free when you land that new job!