When applying to jobs, it is always best to use the pdf format as hiring managers use a variety of handheld devices to review resumes these days and pdf can be viewed on any device.
When you are searching for private sector jobs, start with a Google search and enter a keyword for the type of job you are looking for: title of job, city, state (i.e. Customer Service Atlanta, GA) then no matter what search engine job board comes up (Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Simply Hired, Zip Recruiter etc.) go right to the Company website to their careers section to view and apply to the job. These other job boards are just a clearing house. You NEVER want to apply directly through them as much as they will make you think that you MUST, you should not. Also, you should NEVER post your resume to any online search engine. They use resumes to try to market to companies to pay them to advertise plus, they are collecting your information and selling it to anyone who will pay them. Plus, you will start getting hundreds of email solicitations from Insurance companies and others.